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Some artist's paint, some can play the piano like Beethoven. I can make a ravioli that will change your religion. I've spent countless hours over countless years perfecting my recipes. From my Salmon-Artichoke w/ Swiss & Dill wrapped in Lemon Pepper Dough, to my classic Florentine, these ravioli will reset your standards for handmade Italian pastas. Creative and passionate, I can turn your ideas into ravioli that will surprise your taste buds and melt your heart. One bite, and you'll be convinced.

           -Paul Grimaldi, founder


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The Methodology

Believe it or not, there’s a reason why every piece of pasta is handmade. Every sauce is small batch, made from scratch. And every recipe is original. This is an art, and those that appreciate art, will be rewarded with a sensational dance of flavors on their palates...more.

This is the end of ravioli...

Paul’s Tips for Perfect Prep

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